Competitions are generally divided into two sections. The 'Set Theme' competition and the 'Open' competition. Within each of these categories you can submit prints or digital images. Generally speaking two photographs are permitted for each category, so if you submitted two photographs in each section that would be 8 photographs altogether.

Themes for 2014 -2015

Still Life
Nature's Wonders
Urban Neglect
People at Work
Modern Times
Three of a Kind
  New members are allocated a competition number which is used on all images to identify the photographer and entries are usually submitted for judging on the meeting two weeks before the results evening.
  Judging is carried out by external judges who then present the images at the results meeting although recently the club has started judging some competitions using a panel of members. This has proved quite successful and has proved to be a very valuable exercise for the judges themselves.
  Photographs are judged as Commended, Highly Commended, or Very Highly Commended.
  For more detailed information on how to submit digital and print images for competitions please click HERE


  This is an 'Open' theme competition. Each member can submit 1 digital and 1 print image to the accumulator competition at the beginning of the season. Each image will be judged by successive competition judges gradually accumulating points until a final result emerges at the end of the season.