I have always enjoyed photography, this coinciding with my interest in nature, mainly insects, some 70 years ago. The first serious camera I owned was a 35mm Kodak Retinette although this was generally used for landscapes and family photographs.This was followed by processing (including colour) and enlarging.

I suppose it has only been in the last 20 years that I have seriously combined photography with my interest in insects with the use of macro lenses together with a ring flash.  Latterly I find I get excellent results with a Powershot G9 using the macro facility.  Handy to carry around for the odd grab shot.

Finally, if you are interested in photographing insects do not use insect repellent!


Beach Activity

The Boatman

Common Blue



Common Green Grasshopper

Common Hawker Dragonfly

Green Hairstreak



Green Shield Bug

Green-Veined White

Lowry at Night

Male Emperor Moth

Peacock Butterfly

Small Coppers (mating)


Vapourer Moth with Eggs