Reports for 2012 - 2013 season


21st May 2013 - Annual Dinner & Presentations

The Annual Dinner was held at The County Hotel, Carnforth attended by 31 Members and friends. After the Dinner Chairman John Beasley presenting the Season's Awards to the following Members: -

Set Prints Winner - David Taylor, Runner-up - Shaun Rogerson

Open Prints Winner – Nick Callender, Runner-up – John Bentham

Set Digital Projected Image Winner – John Bentham, Runner-up - Ray Rogers & Nick Callender

Open Digital Projected Image Winner – John Bentham, Runner-up – Nick Callender

3 of a Kind Digital Projected Image Winner – John Bentham, Runner-up – Shaun Rogerson

Print of the Year Winner – Nick Callender, Joint Runners-up – Nick Callender & Shaun Rogerson

Digital Projected Image of the Year Winner – Shaun Rogerson Runner-up – John Bentham

Transport Competition Winner – John Bentham, Runner-up – Ray Rogers & Ian Taylor

Accumulator Competition Prints Winner – David Taylor, Runner-up – Nick Callender

Accumulator Competition Digital Image Joint Winners – Nick Callender & Herbie Hart, Runner-up – Shaun Rogerson

Following the presentations John Beasley and Herbie Hart hosted a Quiz, the winning Team were Malcolm & Jennifer Morrison after an exciting Tie-Break with Maurice & Margaret Bicknell.

Vice Chairman George Smith thanked John Beasley, Shaun Rogerson and Herbie Hart for their contribution to a very successful evening.

Chairman John Beasley ended the evening stating that the Club had had a good year and congratulated Members on the quality of their images, he then introduced the new Chairman Shaun Rogerson, who had volunteered for the post, the Members responded with a round of applause.


7th May 2013 AGM

Disappointingly only 10 Members attended (7 Committee + 3 others)

Following Reports of another successful year by the Officers of the Club the New Committee was appointed:-

Chairman - Vacant

Treasurer - Herbie Hart

Programme Secretary - David Taylor

Internal Competition Secretary - John Bentham

External Competition Secretary - Shaun Rogerson

Club Secretary - Elaine Taylor

Committee - John Beasley, Peter Hyde, Geoff Newman, George Smith, Tom & Mary Wallace

The Meeting then progressed through the Agenda covering such matters as next year's varied Programme, etc.

The Chairman thanked everybody for their help and congratulated Members on the quality of Images seen over the season.

30th April 2013

Chairman John Beasley introduced Kate Flaherty and James Fox to judge the Club's FINAL Competition. After a detailed assessment of many excellent photographs the chosen Print of the Year was 'As Time Goes By' by Nick Callender - Congratulations to Nick in his first year at Lunesdale Camera Club. Digital Projected Image of the Year went to Shaun Rogerson with 'Pap of Glencoe'. (See Results Section for the Winning Images and Runners-Up).

John Beasley complimented both Judges and thanked them for their detailed comments and their enthusiasm and added that it was a pleasure to listen to them. Kate and James responded by saying that they really enjoyed looking at an excellent entry despite the difficulty of choosing winners from the high standard presented.

The members showed their appreciation with an enthusiastic round of applause.

The next meeting is the AGM on Tuesday 7th May - extra seating has been arranged!

16th April 2013

Chairman John Beasley introduced Programme Secretary David Taylor as Group Leader of THE DOCUMENTARY GROUP to present their Season's work to the Club. David said that this year's Project was 'Sea, Sand and Shore' - An Exploration of the Mood and Atmosphere of Out of Season Morecambe. David introduced the Group and explained that contrary to previous Projects each member chose to interpret the theme themselves rather than be allocated with a particular aspect.

The Members of the Group were John Bentham, Brian Fountain, Peter Hyde, Geoff Newman, Ray Rogers, David Taylor, Elaine Taylor, Ian Taylor, Mary Wallace, Tom Wallace. Each member presented several of their images explaining what they saw in 'Out of Season Morecambe'. Following the Tea Break the full set of images were presented by David Taylor in a compilation set to music which included appropriate songs from Morecambe & Wise and Brass Band music.

John Beasley thanked the Documentary Group for an excellent presentation which was well received by the audience who showed their appreciation with sustained applause.

3rd April 2013

Club Chairman John Beasley introduced the 3 Members of the Judging Panel - John Bentham, Geoff Newman and David Taylor for the 'Triptych' or 'Three of a Kind' competition where Members presented 3 related digital images individually and a fourth image containing all 3 as a 'Triptych'. Each image being judged on their quality and how they work together as a set. The Panel gave detailed assessment of each Set and commented that each entry was different and complimented the Members for their interpretations.

John Beasley thanked the Panel for giving time and thought to every image. The Members responded with a round of applause. See the 'Results' Section for the Winner and Runner-up.

NOTE: The Annual Dinner and Presentations evening is to be held on May 21st at the County Hotel Carnforth, the Menu choices are being distributed and Club Treasurer Herbie Hart will be collecting names and monies at the next Meeting on April 16th (Documentary Group Presentation Evening).

19th March 2013

Chairman John Beasley opened the Meeting by announcing that John Brayshaw a past member of the Club had passed away. He went on to introduce David Marsden of Holme Photographic Society to judge the March Competition with the Set Subject 'Transport' - the Winner of the 'Barry Metcalfe Trophy' for Digital Images was John Bentham with 'Ships of the Desert', see 'Results' Section for full details.

David Taylor reminded the Documentary Group that next week's Meeting on 26th March was the last of this Season and asked Members to bring their images. Treasurer Herbie Hart advised that he would be circulating details of the May 21st Annual Dinner at the next full Club Meeting on April 2nd.

John Beasley thanked David for his honest opinions and for carrying out a very thorough appraisal. Members responded with a round of hearty applause and whooping.

6th March 2013

The Club hosted the 21st South Lakes Knockout Battle and approximately 80 'Snappers' from Barrow, Holme, Kendal, Lancaster, Lunesdale and Ulverston Clubs gathered in Carnforth High School for the Annual event. The Results were:-

Round 1 - Lunesdale 343 points, Ulverston 320 points

Round 2 - Lancaster 330 points, Kendal 329 points

Holme & Barrow had byes in the opening Rounds

1st Semi Final - Holme 341 points, Barrow 321 points

2nd Semi Final - Lancaster 311 points, Lunesdale 311 points following which the MC and Lunesdale Chairman John Beasley dramatically asked a representative from each Club to join him in a 'confab' (18 people left the room!). The Auditorium was rife with whispers of cheating, bribery, MP's, Tour de France  etc. whilst some 'geeks' used Wikipedia on their Smartphones to find the meaning of 'confab'!

In due course they all returned and John Beasley announced the Semi Final was a tie with 311 points each and the first 'Tie Breaker' (top image from each category) was also a tie with 49 points each, the next 'Tie Breaker' (highest scoring image) resulted in a 25 to 24 win for Lancaster!

FINAL - Holme 454 points, Lancaster 426.

On being presented with the Winners Shield David Poole of Holme Photographic Society thanked Lunesdale CC for a seamless competition and for their hospitality and Holme Members for their contribution, he also commiserated with Lancaster Photographic Society.  The audience applauded in agreement. John Beasley responded by thanking all visiting Clubs and his own team at Lunesdale, especially Competition Secretary Shaun Rogerson also Debbie & Julie for the Catering arrangements.

Unusually, some people were home in time to see reports of the Battle on News at Ten (it wasn't on!).

5th March 2013

On his first visit to the Club John Widdall CPAGB of Oldham presented his talk 'The Science and Art of Panorama Photography'. John covered the History of Panoramic Images from the 19th Century with an early 1864 example from the American Civil War through the much beloved 'long & narrow' School Photos popular in the 1950 - 1960 period to the modern computerised versions of the modern age. Specialised Panoramic Cameras from the early days of Film to the Digital age were detailed together with techniques using various Software Packages.

After the Break members were treated to examples of John's portfolio of both Urban and Landscape scenes from his early days using Film to the later Digital versions of recent times. The talk was concluded with a set of excellent HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photos by Christine Widdall.

Chairman John Beasley thanked John for an intriguing and interesting evening presented with passion. In response John Widdall thanked the audience for their interest and contribution to the evening by asking many relevant questions. The Members showed their appreciation with a round of applause.

19th February 2013

A good attendance of Members were transported to 'The Land of the Midnight Sun' by Club Members John & Judith Bentham who presented a talk entitled 'Carry on up the Pole'. John and Judith enthusiastically described a recent trip to the Svalbard Archipelago within the Arctic Circle.

The two week journey started with a flight to the Capital Longyearbyen on the largest island of Spitsbergen where they joined the 'Antarctic Dream' a ship designed to manoeuvre through the pack ice. The voyage proceeded north via Ny-Alesund which is one of the World's northernmost settlements and Research Centre following which the ship reached the most northerly point at 82.5 degrees approximately 500 miles from the North Pole before turning south to continue in a clockwise direction round the Archipelago.

The talk covered a brief history of the area including the exploits of Polar Explorers Amundsen,Elsworth and Nobile in flying the Airship 'Norge' over the North Pole. Several landings on other islands were described with excellent photographs of the Landscape & Glaciers en-route. The landings by Zodiac inflatables allowed the study of the Flora and Fauna of the area including Polar Bears, Walrus, Arctic Fox, Reindeer, Guillemots, Arctic Skua and the Plant Life again supported by excellent images. The trip ended back at Longyearbyen after approximately 1200 miles at sea.

Chairman John Beasley thanked John and Judith for a fantastic and interesting talk, members showed their appreciation with sustained applause.

5th February 2013

Chairman John Beasley welcomed John Fletcher CPAGB of Longridge to judge the 4th Competition of the season the Set Subject being 'Winter'. The outcome can be seen in the 'Results' Section.

In his vote of thanks John Beasley congratulated everyone as the entries were of a high standard, he thanked John for his nice honest opinions and his attention to detail which was much appreciated.

The Members showed their appreciation with a round of applause.

22nd January 2013

Chairman John Beasley opened the Members Evening by announcing that Jim Sturzaker a long serving member of 32 years had passed away and asked that a period of silence be observed in his memory.

Three Members shared the evening with presentations as follows:-

A Visit to Nether Kellet Quarry - George Smith opened the evening by showing images taken by 12 Club Members on a visit to Back Lane Quarry in June 2012. The images included gigantic Dumper Trucks, Excavators and a moonscape of different coloured aggregates and a variety of plants. George supported the images with detailed knowledge of the Quarry and it's operations which was much appreciated by the audience.

Exploring Jordan - Geoff Newman followed with a report on a visit to Jordan supported by excellent images taken on a trip which included the Capital Amman, Jerash, The Dead Sea, The River Jordan, The Treasury at Petra. The Port of Aqaba on the Red Sea was reached before turning back North to Amman. Geoff included engrossing facts and figures which gave the audience an insight to life in the Kingdom.

Walking the Dog in Lunesdale - In a complete contrast David Taylor brought members back from the arid Middle East to the greenery and dampness of the Lune Valley with images taken each day over a period whilst taken his dog walking. David explained that he decided to use a popular modern device to take the images and revealed his Mobile Phone! Members who normally tote Canons, Leicas, Nikons etc. were surprised by the quality of the images projected whilst David explained some of the limitations.

John Beasley closed the meeting by thanking George, Geoff and David for 3 contrasting presentations and members agreed that the formula should be repeated in future Programmes before showing their appreciation with a substantial round of applause.

8th January 2013

Chairman John Beasley opened the first meeting of the New Year by explaining that this month's 'Castles' and Open Competitions had been judged by a panel of 3 Members using a system of point allocation devised by Competitions Secretary Shaun Rogerson who explained that the accumulated points awarded by each member of the panel resulted in the images being classified as 'Very Highly Commended', 'Highly Commended', 'Commended' or 'Not Classified'. Images in the first 3 being allocated points for the 'league' of 5 Competitions.

The results were presented by Ian Taylor (Prints) and George Smith (Projected Digital Images) with only 2 Open images being 'Very Highly Commended' - 'Blown Out Sunset' and 'Blea Tarn' both by Nick Callender - they can be seen in the 'Results' Page together with the 'Highly Commended' images.

John Beasley closed the meeting by thanking the Panel for their efforts in judging a high quality entry and invited comments from Members on the method of ascertaining the best entries.

18th December 2012

30 Members and guests attended the Club's Annual Christmas Hot Pot Social evening. A Projected Digital Image Knockout was held where 2 Images were displayed together and the audience voted by show of hands, the Winner was Shaun Rogerson's 'Ingleborough' with Nick Callender's 'Squirrel' in 2nd place and Frank Balaam's 'Fireworks' in 3rd place (see Results Section).

Shaun Rogerson thanked the Caterers for an excellent Hot Pot. Herbie Hart closed the Meeting by thanking everybody for helping to make the event a successful evening and also Sheila Rogers for supplying delicious home made chocolates as usual. The audience responded with sustained applause.

The next Meeting is on Tuesday January 8th - when the 'Castles' Competition will be judged. Entries for 'Winter' are also due.

4th December 2012 (written by Guest Correspondent George Smith)

Lunesdale Camera Club members were treated to a very enjoyable presentation by club member Herbie Hart. In his introduction Herbie related, as a child being intrigued by the name 'Dubrovnik' on a house in his home town.

What followed took the audience on a very entertaining visit to ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’ using some excellent images and thoughtful, informed commentary. The presentation was peppered with historical notes and humour throughout and generated interested questions.

A well deserved vote of thanks was given by club chairman John Beasley with members responding with an appreciative round of applause. Visitors are always welcome to join us, contact detail and information can be found in the 'Contact Us' Section.

20th November 2012

Vice Chairman George Smith welcomed Keith Kendal of Wray to judge the 2nd Competition of the season the Set Subject being 'Black & White'. Keith chose 3 Very Highly Commended images in each Category, which can be seen in the 'Results' Section.

In his closing address George Smith commented that wonderful images had been entered giving Keith a difficult job, but he had been very fair and gave useful comments.

The Members showed their appreciation with sustained applause.

6th November 2012

The Club held an innovative 'Critique Evening' for which Members were invited to submit Projected Digital Images and Prints anonymously. Chairman John Beasley organised two groups to analyse the Digital Images and Prints simultaneously with one member in each group noting the comments. After a break the groups changed over, the evening concluded with a review of all the Images and comments during which some authors identified themselves and contributed to the discussion.

There was general agreement that the session was very successful and that the frank exchange of views would be beneficial to Members both old and new to the Club.    

23rd October 2012

Chairman John Beasley welcomed Holme and District Photographic Society to the Annual 'Battle' with Lunesdale Camera Club and introduced the Judge David Bibby AFIAP, BPE3 from Thornton Cleveleys. Each Club had entered 15 Prints and 15 Projected Digital Images. The Judge complimented both Clubs with the high standard of entries especially the Projected Digital Images which were amongst the best he had judged in recent years.

In the first round of Prints the result was Lunesdale 241 points, Holme 251 points and in the Digital Projected Images Lunesdale 252 points, Holme 268 points. Holme being clear overall Winners with a Total of 519 points to Lunesdale's 493.

John Beasley thanked David Bibby for his frank and constructive comments. Chairman Paul Edmunds responded in behalf of Holme P.S., by thanking Lunesdale CC for their hospitality and David Bibby for his efforts. Paul was not only pleased that Holme won both Categories but most of the Raffle Prizes as well!

Members of both Club's responded with a round of applause.

16th October 2012

There was a good attendance at an extra Meeting organised by Competition Secretary Shaun Rogerson who demonstrated various techniques and equipment used in mounting prints. The meeting was conveyed in order to encourage a revival in the art of Printing Photographs and Mounting them for entry in Print Competitions which Lunesdale Camera Club hopes to maintain despite the increased popularity of Digital Projected Images.

9th October 2012

Chairman John Beasley opened the Meeting by explaining that the 1st Competition of the Season, with the Subject 'Close Ups', was Judged by a Panel of 3 Club Members which is a significant change after more than 30 years of using external Judges. The Panel members were Brian Fountain, Grace Irving and Peter Hyde with Competition Secretary Shaun Rogerson overseeing the Session. Each Digital & Print Image in the 'Open' and 'Close Ups' Competitions being classified as 'Very Highly Commended', 'Highly Commended', 'Commended' or 'Not Classified'. Images in the first 3 being allocated points.

The results were presented by Peter Hyde and Shaun Rogerson with only 2 being 'Very Highly Commended' - 'Flame' by Nick Callender and 'Guarding the Nut' by David Taylor both 'Close Ups' - the images can be seen in the 'Results' Page together with several 'Highly Commended'.

John closed the Meeting by declaring the format a success and thanked the Panel and Shaun for their efforts.

25th September 2012

Vice Chairman George Smith introduced Gwynn Robinson FRPS, CPAGB of St. Annes on Sea who, presented 'Something for Nothing' a talk which transported the members to the realms of fantasy! Gwynn explained his approach to Photography was to start with a conventional image as the base, and using modern computer techniques etc., ending with a different image best described as 'visual art'.

During a reviving break for tea/coffee George welcomed Anna Rose as a Guest and hoped that her experience would result in full membership.

Gwynn described in detail the Table Top techniques, equipment and models used, the latter a variety of figures such as Dragons, Dogs, Dancers and toys such as Buzz Lightyear. The evening concluded with 3 short presentations synchronised with music which incorporated the techniques and models described earlier which left the audience mesmerised!

George Smith in his closing statement described the meeting as an extraordinary evening with a quite unique presentation and thanked Gwynn for his efforts, the members (still recovering from a trance-like state) responded with a round of applause.

The next Meeting is at 7.30 pm on Tuesday October 9th when the results of the 'Close-ups' and 'Open' Competitions will be presented.

11th September 2012

Chairman John Beasley welcomed Members to the 1st Meeting of the new Season which was a Project Digital Image Knockout - Members entered 2 Images, the first Round all entries were shown in pairs and a show of hands indicated the image to progress to the next Round and so on.

The Winner was new Member Nick Callender with 'Evening Seascape',congratulations and welcome Nick, John Beasley w