Reports 2014 - 2015

"Big Country, Big Skies" a talk by member John Bentham

Report by Vice-chair George Smith

John Bentham’s chosen title ‘Big country, Big Skies’ was very appropriate for his recent presentation to his fellow members of Lunesdale Camera Club. John first explained that the images involved had been chosen from those he had taken on three separate visits to America by he and his wife Judith and secondly that he had stitched them together under the sub titles of ‘Wide open spaces’, Volcanoes and Mountains’, ‘Valleys’ ‘Canyons’ and finally ‘Deserts’. His audience were then taken on a superbly illustrated journey across America with each image accompanied by a very expert commentary. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all and John was thanked on behalf of the members by George Smith, Vice-Chairman followed by a resounding round of applause from all present. Members and guests are always welcome to join us, for details see our website or contact George Smith 01524733020