Reports 2014 - 2015

Meeting 11

Members' Night

A very interesting meeting was held at the most recent meeting of Lunesdale Camera Club and was provided by two of the club members. Chairman Shaun Rogerson took the session before the interval with the subjects of ‘Aspect Ratio’ and ‘Cropping’ his audience hardly needed Shaun’s invitation to participate which led to a good involvement with some interesting and helpful tips resulting. Following the interval the baton was picked up by Nick Callendar on the subject of ‘Flash photography’. Nick stated he is a firm believer in the old adage of ‘Practice makes perfect’ and he does not hesitate to follow the principle. He had brought his camera and some of his equipment, none of it greatly expensive and gave an excellent presentation of the techniques he has adopted in addition to showing some of fascinating and wonderful results he has achieved. All in all it was a very enjoyable and informative evening. Vice-Chairman George Smith gave the vote of thanks of behalf of the members who responded by showing their appreciation. Guests and new members are always made welcome, see the club web-site for information or contact George Smith on 01524-733020.