Reports 2014 - 2015

Meeting 15 Results of Competition 5 - 'Modern Times'

Judged by Lancaster's Mayor, Susie Charles

Members of Lunesdale Camera Club had for some time been intrigued by the programme note advising that the judge for competition 5 was to be “an external ‘blind’ judge chosen by the chairman” and understandably it had generated a great deal of humour. However all was revealed at the club’s recent meeting when the Mayor of Lancaster, Susie Charles turned out to be the anonymous judge. Following a welcome introduction from member Roger Mace, Susie confessed she was a novice but followed it up by judging the entries based on what enjoyment she herself derived from the images. As ever the club got into the spirit of things which led to a very enjoyable evening. Roger Mace gave a vote of thanks followed by Chairman Shaun Rogerson presenting Susie with a bouquet of flowers and a cheque from the club for the Mayor’s chosen charities.

Open Prints VHC 'Bad Hair Day' P. Hyde  
  HC 'Crummock Water' S. Rogerson  
Set Prints HC Modern City' F. Balaam  
Set Digital VHC 'Falkirk Wheel' A. Somers  
  HC 'The Modern Message Is Mobile'


Open Digital VHC 'Ready to Dive' J. Bentham  
  HC 'Female Orange Tip' T. Wallace  
  HC 'Gotcha' P. Hyde  
  HC 'Graveyard' I. Taylor  
  HC 'Drip In Time' N. Callender  

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