Reports 2014 - 2015

Meeting 17 Documentary Group Presentation

It's A Gardener's World

The annual presentation by the documentary group of Lunesdale Camera Club is now firmly established and is always eagerly anticipated. This year members of the group followed the usual pattern of working individually on their own interpretation of the agreed subject and then collectively to produce the final result. The chosen subject this year was ‘A Gardeners World’ which produced a wide and often artistic, interpretation of the mundane and spectacular. Allotments, flowers and plants over the seasons, birds, architecture etc. it seemed nothing was overlooked. The standard was extremely high with many stunning images and it was very evident that a great deal of time and effort had been made by those involved. During the first half of the meeting each of the eight members of the group first took it in turns to comment on a few of their chosen images. The resulting audio visual presentation was produced by David Taylor who had skilfully sequenced the variety of images and blended them with a very suitable choice of background music. The whole evening was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present. Chairman Shaun Rogerson gave a well deserved vote of thanks to all those involved resulting in a heartfelt round of applause Visitors and those interested in photography are always welcome to join us; details are on the clubs website or contact George Smith on 01524733020.