Reports 2015 - 2016

'Aspects of Photoshop' - 3 Talks by members

Report by Vice-chair George Smith

The most recent meeting of Lunesdale Camera Club was both interesting and informative; under the title ‘Aspects of Photoshop’, three club members, David Taylor, John Bentham and Nick Callender each in turn gave a presentation on their personal approach to using software to improve images. The available software today provides such a vast array of tools it can be bewildering to both beginners and experienced alike so it was very helpful to be shown different approaches, all with the intention of achieving the best image possible. As was intended the presentations gave the opportunity for questions and discussion, provoking debate and a good interaction among the members. Members showed their appreciation following a vote of thanks given by Chairman Shaun Rogerson ¬†¬†Prospective new members and guests are always welcome to join us at our fortnightly meetings, information can be found on the club web site or by contacting George Smith on 01524733020