Reports 2015 - 2016

Results of Competition 2 - "Bad Weather"

Report by Vice-chair George Smith

The second competition of the season were judged by three club members and shown at the most recent meeting of Lunesdale Camera Club. There was a good entry for both the open subject and the set subject of ‘Bad Weather’. There was a high standard throughout and only the entries earning a 'Very Highly Commended’ category are given below.

Set subject Prints
VHC           ‘Not sure about this snow’       David Taylor
VHC           ‘Wind, rain and spray’             Peter Hyde

Open prints
VHC           ‘Last rays of light’                   Shaun Rogerson
VHC           ‘Red throated diver’                 John Bentham
VHC           ‘I am watching you’                Karen Gibson
VHC           ‘Newtered!’                            John Bentham

Set subject DPI
VHC           ‘Cold weather on the way’       Shaun Rogerson
VHC           ‘Colourful twister’                   Christine Leigh
VHC           ‘It’s a bit lively skipper’           Peter Hyde
VHC           ‘Silver birch in the snow’         Christine Leigh

Open subject DPI
VHC           ‘Golden eagle’                         John Bentham
VHC           ‘Puffin in the pink’                    John Bentham
VHC           ‘Spikey’                                  Geoff Newman

In addition to the VHC category listed above there were also twenty entries which earned a ‘Highly Commended’ category. The three volunteer judges had obviously had a difficult task but had handled it well and agreed that it is a valuable experience. Chairman Shaun Rogerson thanked the judges for their efforts and the members responded with applause. New members and guests are always welcome to join us, detail can be found on the club website or by contacting George Smith on 01524733020